Saturday, August 20, 2011

7 days' records

Salam wbt. 21 a blessed night.

Praise to Allah, I created my own record for this lovely blog.

14/8/2011: Terima Kasih KTI
15/8/2011: MC ke-2
16/8/2011: TOLAK dan TARIK
17/8/2011: AKU didalam
18/8/2011: = Warna Baju Setiap Hari =
19/8/2011: Irfan Makki - I Believe
20/8/2011: Blog segar

Guess what, for almost three years I have my own blog, this week I created a new record for seven consecutive days that I post a new topic everyday.

I also hope that I can post a new topic for a straight month. Biiznillah :D

psst: today I already post two topics! this entry (7 days' records) and previous one (Blog segar) :D


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